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These are just a few of the testimonials we have received from people who have participated in Audrey Lynette's classes. If you would like to know what other people are saying and share their experiences ... read on

"Another woman said, 'That it was the best bodywork class I have ever been to!'" SL

Shirley-Anne Lawler. Australia

The people who attended this class have experienced different, yet life changing results. Whether it was just the awareness to ask your body for what it requires, or the clearing of old worn out family programs around food and eating, or the awareness of the gift that our bodies truly are and to nurture and nourish them' or that pain held in the body is not really ours and to gently and lovingly return to sender with consciousness attached. And what Access bodywork process was required for each body. This class facilitates this and so much much more

There were three young teenage girls in the class. I saw Audrey facilitate change in these girls with such kindness. It was beautiful to watch. One of the girls who always dressed like a boy went shopping the next day and bought a dress! What else is possible? Another woman said "That it was the best bodywork class I hve ever been to!" She said that her body was so responsive! Another said that it is the most dynamic change she has ever had and that using Access Energy tools is so much faster than other modalities

Audrey is awesome and lives in the greatness of who she is. I have such deep gratitude for her and her willingness to facilitate others to perceive, know, be and receive what is truly possible for our bodies.  I congratulate her on Right Body For You


Leena Dillingham. USA

Audrey is one of the most creative, potent facilitators on the planet. And you know what? Being around her, gifting and receiving with her, I am totally on fire and empowered. Her desire is for me to receive the greatness of me, for everyone she encounters to have themselves, in glory

Every being in those classes, was offered a rare treat; the delicious experience of more of who they are. Chunks of “not yours” falling away everywhere, in the light of tenderness, humor, and impeccable laser surgery


Heather Smith. USA

For most of my life I have wondered what it would be like to truly feel fabulous about me and my body regardless of what anyone else's point of view of me is, and even regardless of what my points of view of me and my body were before. Mostly this has been difficult to achieve or didn't last long. Access really changes the energy I had been functioning from in a way that I can see the difference. I know I am different and have so many more possibilities available to me now. I have the tools provided from this class and I know I have Audrey just a phone call away. Feeling great about me and my body and my life is no longer a fleeting moment ... it's every moment. Thank you Audrey for being an amazing invitation to the greatness of me by being the greatness of you!


Stephen Outram. Australia

Audrey asked me to focus on a part of my body that I really liked. I had a small panic, because I couldn't find one. Then I realised that what I thought I liked about my body, were what other people had told me they liked! I had bought their point-of-view. I now have the freedom to adore my whole body totally and not part-it-out based on someone else's opinion