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Specialty Classes

Seminars, Workshops & Classes
These are just some of the topics that can be addressed with Audrey Lynette:

  • Weight Loss/Obesity - Are you willing to shed those pounds and reclaim your energy without the need to deprive yourself of anything?
  • Eating Disorders - Have you ever tried to lose or gain weight and succeeded only in putting it all back on/off again?
  • Physical Illnesses/Chronic Pain - Have you been plagued with recurring health issues?
  • Pregnancy/Childbirth - What would it take to be comfortable with your body and have an easy birth?
  • Disfigurement/Handicaps - What would it be like to have infinite possibilities? To not feel like a victim and have total ease with who you are? 

Taster Evenings

These evenings are a lot of fun.  Meet Audrey and experience the Access tools in a unique, playful and expansive way.   With Audrey’s 10 years of using these tools, you will get to hear just what is possible for your body your life and living, as ask questions and hear how these dynamic tools can work for you.  (Usually 1.5 hrs)

Clarity Evenings
A short, intense and fun evening where Audrey assists the participants to "clear" a specific area of their life (eg money, sex, relationship, etc.) using the amazing access tools.

If you feel that any area of your life is stuck, this is a great class to get clear!  (Usually 1.5 hrs)

Joyful Eating - Body Awareness Adventure

Ever wondered what it would be like to eat food from the joy of it rather than the “have to” diets or considerations you currently live with.  Audrey will run clearings and give you tools that allow you to let go of the limitations that have been created around food, clearing issues surrounding eating and inviting you to have more awareness around what it is you and your body would like to eat that is right for you. (Usually 2.5 hrs)
The class will be going to a local restaurant for a meal to give you first-hand experience in listening to what your body would like to eat! How does it get any better than this?

One-Day Classes – Creating the Body You Desire

During a One Day Class Audrey will run clearings that allow you to let go of the limitations that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from creating your body the way you would like it to be and inviting more ease with your body.   You will also be learning a hands on body process that can assist you in coming out of conflict with your body.  These days are a huge invitation and allow you to develop awareness of your body and create greater communion with it. Inviting you and your body to know what is true for you, now matter where or when with ease.  Snacks and light refreshments will be available during class time.  (4 hour Class + 4 hour Body Process)

Private Sessions with Audrey Lynette

If you would like to receive more, or you have something specific you would like to address, then Audrey will work with you one on one using her body whisperer awareness, Access Clearings, Right Body for You tools and Bodywork Processes to facilitate you

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