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Would you like a different possibility for your body and your life?

What would you like to change?

Hi, my name is Audrey Lynette and about 10 years ago I was living in a wheelchair, with injuries and chronic pain, weighing over 470lbs and dying. I knew that something had to change. My body kept growing, the pain kept increasing and the doctors had no answers. I kept asking for something to show up that knew how to change it before it was too late.

I was introduced to the tools of Access Consciousness and Right Body for You and I began to change my life. Within 9 months I had shed 100lbs and was walking pain free. I came to the US to become an Access Facilitator and ran for the first time in 23 years. Wow! was it great! To perceive the infinite possibilities for my body and then my life!

In the past 10 years I have shed over 200lbs without surgery, diets or drugs. I have entirely changed my life and my relationship with my body and I am having more joy then I ever thought possible. And now, I love to travel the world, facilitating the awareness and tools that others can use to choose joy, expansion and health for themselves.

So if you have any desire to have a different possibility with your body and with your life, I look forward to sharing these wonderful tools with you, and inviting YOU to a different possibility.

Enjoy this site and everything in it and I will enjoy seeing you soon!

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