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Audrey Lynette - now this, is a great story!

This is the untold story of Audrey Lynette's body, which weighed over 470lbs and was sick and tired; particularly of the being that was creating all of the weight and density it now carried painfully around. This too is Audrey's story, because until she was willing to have the awareness of the body she was creating, neither of them could change.

I was living in and out of a wheelchair and unable to get around without assistance or chronic pain. I was on so much medication (including anti-depressants) just to be able to move. I had been labeled by the doctors as having chronic anxiety, depression and OCD. I was also told I could give up any chance of having a pain-free life and a relationship seemed out of the question; let alone marriage and kids and the silent warning was there constantly, either lose weight or die. What an outlook! Well thankfully that has changed.

It's been 10 years since I began using the tools and processes of Access and in that time I have shed 90kgs (200lbs) and continue to change daily without excess stress marks and sagging. I have also gone from being unable to walk to having a full range of movement including running, swimming, walking, dancing, traveling and enjoying a pain-free life without medication.

I am currently living in Carpinteria, California with my wonderful husband and we enjoy traveling around the world facilitating Access classes and inviting other beings to experience the joy of embodiment.